Printer sharing in window network


hi, i have new printer "Canon Pixma ip4000" for sharing in windows network.
when i setup a new printer in my ibook, i was unable to get the correct driver for it although i have installed this printer driver in my ibook. i am unable to print correctly in the network. it work fine when i connected directly to the printer but fail when network printing. Please help
Check on the printer's settings and click the drop down list in the Printer Utility. You'll have some extra options there labeled EPSON (EPSON AppleTalk, EPSON USB, etc). Try setting it to one of those.
This printer doesn't have ethernet built-in, right?

Canon doesn't make drivers for OS X, for non-postscript printers*, that work for network or Windows printing. Their drivers bypasss CUPS, the OS X print system, so the only comm protocol that works is what is written into the driver - USB.
Canon doesn't cooperate with the open source community, so the newest Gimp-Print drivers for Canons are for models more than 5 years old (Apple included Gimp-Print in Panther and Tiger because Gimp-Print drivers Are CUPS drivers).

The only drivers that do work for newer Canon models are from

* (except for models with built-in networking - ethernet or WiFi)

Hope this helps.