Printer sharing problem (Windows XP)


I searched for this and didn't find any answers.

I am not sure if this is an XP issue, or a OSX issue.

I have a shared Lexmark Z715 printer hooked up to my XP PC. I have enabled print sharing on XP, and set up the printer via OSX. When I try to print something OSX sends it to the PC as it should. It queues the job, sends the data, then when it should start printing, it deletes it. The printer works fine when printing directly for XP.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

I am running a PC with XP SP2
The Powerbook is running OSX 10.4.2
On your Windows XP Machine:

1. Log in as Administrator
2. Click Start>Settings>Control Panel
3. Then Click add/remove programs
4. Then Click add/remove windows components
5. Open the Other Network File and Printer Services section.
6. Put a checkmark in Print Services for Unix.
7. Click Ok; Click Next ( It will probably ask for your Windows Cd at this point)
8. Click finish
9. Close the add/remove programs window

Next steps will have the service start automatically, which is the prefered way to do it:

1. Click Start>Settings>Control Panel
2. Double click Administrative tools
3. Double click Services
4. Double click TCP/IP print server
5. Change the startup type to Automatic
6. Click ok and close all open windows.

Next steps setup the printer for tcp/ip printing

1. Click start>settings>printers
2. Right click the printer you want to share and select sharing
3. Click the radio button for Share as and fill in the share name you want to use.

Now move to your Mac and finish things up.

1. Launch the Print Center for the Applications>Utilties folder
2. Click the Add Printer button
3. Change Appletalk to IP Printing
4. Enter the Windows XP Computer's IP address in the Address Box (Will probably look like 192.168.x.x, if you don't know go to your windows xp machine and from the Command Prompt type ipconfig, it will give you the network address for your windows machine
5. Uncheck the default queue radio button
6. Enter the name of the printer shared name that you setup on your windows machine.
7. Select your printer model, if you installed gimp print it should be there, if not pic a close model number.
8. Close print center after the printer was added.
Thank you so much. I have asked on the IGN forums and no one knew. I will try this when I get home tomorrow. Thank you, I really appreciate it.