Printer trouble (LJ 4M) under X 10.1


Hi all,

a small introduction first...

I've got a G4 Digital audio 533 with an extra farallon networkcard (10/100 mbit) installed. On my internal gigabit card the cable modem is connected, and on the extra network card a laserjet 4M (with jetdirect 10mbit card) is connected.

An interesting detail:

I've got a realtek beta driver installed for a realtek network card. Because the farallon card and the realtek card share the same controller chip (8139) the farallon card is recognized under X with the realtek driver. Farallon does not supply any OS X driver for this card yet.

The farallon card works with the cable modem under X (with the realtek driver), so my presumption is that the farallon card works with the realtekdriver under X.

So what is the problem?

Under 9.2.1 the printer works fine, but under X it only prints some PS code and thats it.

Under X the laserjet uses appletalk, and is set up with appletalk, the printer is recognized by X and installed, but it prints only postscript code, from any program.

I've tried to set up the printer as a lpr printer with an ip address, but that didn't work.

I did a cold reset to restore the factory settings of the laserjet, but nothing gives, it doesn't make any difference

So my questions are:

Is it possible that the card does not work correctly with the laserjet and the realtek drivers? (but the modem works fine)

Is there a setting in the printer or/and OS X that I missed that can correct this problem?

Can it be that the PS descriptions OS X sends to the printer are not correct/PS compliant?

Well, I hope that someone can help me out here, this is the only thing that has been bugging me with OS X..

thanks for the time..

kind regards,