Printers, Quark and USB probs/info


Just offering this so users of QX can avoid multiple trips to the 'puter store. I just got a 733 G4 and bought a neat HP 1200se laserjet for it. The prob is (found out from HP's great tech support) that Quark and USB are not a good combo. You almost always will get a print out of cryptic jibberish, if anything--all brands will get same results. This is because QX talks both directions to the printer (old school scsi was just fine). USB is a one-way communicator. With newer macs (i.e. my G4) you need to utilize the ethernet port--the only way to hook up a printer to handle QX. This means a network-level printer with ethernet, not USB. Also, if you connect directly from printer to mac, use a CROSS-OVER cable, not a regular ethernet patch cable. Hope this helps Quark users.