Printing: can't assign custom (A3) paper size


Hi all, hope you can help me out on this one...

The printer set-up: From my G5 (running Tiger) I print to Visual Edge PS RIP which is installed on a ethernet-connected Powermac running OS 9. From there, the RIP prints to a network Epson Stylus Color 1520. Printer Setup Utility recognizes all the desktop printers set up in VE RIP, and there's no problem printing A4-documents.

However: when creating a custom size in page set up (namely A3), it's impossible to actually select this paper size, i.e. it appears grayed out in the popup menu. Under Panther it simply accepted A3 paper size and printed correctly. The printer driver that was assigned to the various VE RIP desktop printers in Panther is Apple Laserwriter 4/600 PS v2014.107. If I assign the same type of driver to these desktop printers now (in Tiger), the A3-paper size gets grayed out. Same thing when I assign the "Generic Postscript Printer".

Since I have a lot of A3 sized artwork to print on a daily basis, I really need a fix for this... thanks for any help!


Figured it out - at least for Quark XPress 6.x:
Instead of using the Page Setup options in the Print dialogue, I used the Set Up tab at the top of the Print dialogue. There, in the Printer Description popup menu, I simply select any driver that supports A3-printing, and send the job off to the RIP, which then just defaults to whatever is your default desktop printer.

Bit complicated I suppose, but worked for me.
HTH anyone else who's having the same trouble! :)