Printing From Classic Within Os X


Printing to my FujiXerox Document Centre 285 from Classic applications (machine runs OS X 10.2) has stopped working.

More Details:
Printer is networked (multi-format office, PCs and Macs). Prints from Win 98, XP and OS X work fine.
Application in question is Pagemaker 7 (only Classic application we still use).
Machine in question is running 10.2, 600 Mhz PowerPC G3 with 640 MB RAM.
When I send a print job, it spools from Pagemaker 7 apparently without problem. I can open Print Monitor and watch the file sit there, apparently printing, without doing anything. I get a processing light on the printer but nothing eventuates.
Eventually I get a timout (error -8993)
It used to print fine! But I have been away on holidays for two weeks, and now it doesn't print.

Attempted Solutions:
I have traced the forums and found a whole lot of queries about this problem years ago - but none of the past answers seems to work (clearing Chooser memory, rebuilding Classic desktop).

I have reinstalled the printer driver (in both OS X and 9) but this seems not to work. Could be that I am not correctly getting the ppd to work in Classic - this seems to be the point at which it is stalling?

Any help much appreciated!



As you know, Pagemaker defaults to its own driver rather than the systemwide default driver. You access the system driver by selecting "Use Apple Driver." Are you using the Pagemaker driver or the Mac driver?


You didn't mention which Classic OS version you are using. While MisterMe has a good idea, try this. Go to Adobe's web sit at Find 'Mac driver downloads' and find 'Adobeps 8.6 English' (you will see older and newer versions) download only 8.6, and do the easy install. Then go into your chooser select Adobeps in the left window and select your printer in the right window and do the setup. Then go back into your PM select print and make sure it sees your printer.
Let me know


Thanks very much guys.

Misterme - ...actually, I didn't know that! In fact, I can't even seem to find where this setting is. I assume it must be in Pagemaker under preferences or something, but I can't for the life of me find it. But fortunately...

Biff1of1 (Chris) - I tried this, and it seems to work fine now! Very happy. Although the documentation with the 8.6 driver seems to say it shouldn't work with OS 8.1 or later ?!? but I'm not complaining.

Also, in case it matters, the Classic info from my System Preferences reads:
Mac OS: 9.2.2
Classic Support: 2.1
Classic Enabler: 9.3.0
Classic Environment: Classic Version 1.7, build 141.3, July 25 2002, 12:28:47

So I guess its just one of those things that you have to know which one to use, despite the numbers not matching up? If you have time and want to explain it to me, I'm all ears, but if you're pressed for time don't worry about it.

Thanks once more!