Printing HP Ink jets also PowerPrint


On one or another of these forums I have read that people have used the example plugin on the developer cd to get their HP inkets working. I install the plugin and the print centre crashes. Anyone had any luck?
We need to print...
Also someone had PowerPrint dongle allowing him to print to a Laser. I tried my USB Power print dongle to my old Select 360 but to no avail. any one any help?
How are you trying to print to the Select 360? According to Apple, the Laserwriter Select 360 is supported in OSX. If you're trying to print from your serial port/localtalk, I wouldn't be surprised that it didn't work, since I don't think Apple's supporting these ports. However, if you search the Apple knowledgebase, you should find a thread re this topic. The concensus seems to be that printing is fine with an iPrint (from Proxim/Farralon) or Asantetalk. Both these products are Ethernet/Localtalk bridges. You can find one of these for under $100. (I hope this is true, since I just picked up a used 360 for $25 at our University's annual clearance sale).

BTW I don't think you need PowerPrint, since it is officially a supported printer.