Printing Hp Inkjet 6540 On Airport Express


I'm running Tiger on a 1.67 Ghz PB with 1.5 MB ram and I have an airport express network set up in the office attached to a small HP 6540 inkjet. Everything worked fine. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the inkjet prints one page (the last page of a document since it reverses print order), stops and that's it. My colleague with an identical PB and system setup has no trouble printing. I've tried it all : reinstalled drivers, deleted printer, even reinstalled the entire OS ... to no avail. The print monitor window says the printer is printing, but nothing past the last page comes out. This problem repeats regardless of the application (Word, Eudora, Textedit, Excel, you name it). Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! I should mention that going to a Laserjet on the network presents no problems at all.