Printing In Classic On My Hp Psc 2355



I have no problem printing on my HP PSC 2355 when I send a document from OS 10.3.9. However, when I try to print from old applications (Word and Quark) using Classic 9.2, it just doesn't work. When I go to Chooser I can see an icon for HP InkJet v6.4.1 and to the right appears a listing for HP PSC 2350 series. However, when I try to connect ti it it asks me to 'Please enter the network address for the printer.' Also, and I don't know if this is part of the problem, I am unable to to switch AppleTalk to Active.

As you can no doubt tell from my clumsy use of Mac terminology, I have below average tech skills. Please help!
USB, I think. Like I said, when I print from OSX there's no problem. I just can't print from Classic. Any help much appreciated. ps. good to see some lady techs out there!
Did you install the OS 9 print driver for the HP printer?

Connecting USB, AppleTalk should not active.
When you go to the Chooser hold down the option and Apple keys (as you select the Chooser). Continue to hold down those keys until you hear an alert sound.
Now release the keys and the Chooser should come up. This clears the memory in the Chooser.
Now select the printer and then at the right select USB model.

Now give it a try.