Printing Photos Usb


I am running 10.4.2 on a G5 and am having a problem printing to USB printers, specifically, photos. I have tried an Epson C86 and a HP Photosmart 1100. These are both photo printers. I can get the picture to the printer and get it to print, but the colors are distorted and black prints as white, with parts of the picture looking like a negative. Both printers do the same thing. I also print to an ethernet connection to a hp businessinkjet 3000, and the photos print fine on that one, but it is not a photo (ink type) printer. The driver for the C86 came with the printer, and the driver for the HP Photosmart 1100 is through Gimp-Print. The HP Photosmart 1100 prints great pictures when printing directly from the camera chip, which can be inserted right into the printer. Also, I get the same bad results when printing from my laptop, a G4 Powerbook. This is my first attempt to use a USB printer. All printing prior to this has been through ethernet connection.

Thanks for whatever you can tell me.