Printing stops in Classic - have to reboot Classic

eric halfabee

You talking to me!

I'm having a little problem with printing in Classic.

Printing to our HP Laserjet 4000 (at work – publishing company of about 10 staff all using Macs - yes even the office and receptionists, I'm the only one using OS X) works OK at first in Classic mode, but after a while (no specific time) will then refuse to print and I have to restart Classic to get it working – this results in it printing my documents that I thought hadn't worked (I guess they were held in the spool file). Some more info: I connect to the printer through its IP address.

This is more of a pain as I still have to reboot back to OS 9.1 to get the majority of my work done.

Can anyone shed some light on this please.

Thanx in advance.