Hi, I have a problem printing from OS X . I am trying to print to a Postscript Laser printer via an internal Printserver. I have tried printing over TCP/IP and Appletalk, same problem everytime. The first page is fine and every following page is corrupt. When I print from a classic application the printout is fine.
When I print to my USB Epson Inkjet everything is fine. Can anybody help me?

I read your post and thought this might be of interest to you. I am running Mac OS 9.1 with all current software updates and trying to share printer resources with a Windows 98 SE/XP PC with a Pentium II/400 Mhz processor. I currently share the internet connection (cable modem Com21) between my Titanium and the Windows PC via a NetGear RT311 router and a FS105 switching hub. The printer is currently installed on the Windows PC and works under both 98 and XP. Under Windows 98 I have enabled sharing for the printer and I have downloaded and I think, installed the proper drivers for Mac OS 9.1 from the hp site. Still, I have been unsuccessful in trying to share the printer resouces. If this is possible, I'm not sure.
Thanks for your reply. I found out what the problem was, there is a compatibility problem with the printer's firmware.
As regards to your problem I need to think awhile over it and get back