Prisoners not allowed to vote?


Different, I think...
Talked to a friend a couple of days ago about democracy and such in USA (Bush has recently been to Sweden, you might have heard of the riots?). He told me that if you once have been in prison in America you lose your right to vote in elections, forever. Is this true? If not (I highly doubted what he told me), are you allowed to vote when in prison?
You are not allowed to vote in prison, which sounds quite normal to me ;)

There were debates last year I think to allow inmates to vote (at least here in MA) but the whole issue died out.
Everyone in my office (at the Pentagon) seems to think that if you're a felon (been convicted of a crime for which the maximum jail time is greater than one year) then you lose your right to vote. I think the Admiral's right--there was some discussion of changing that, but I don't think anything happened.

You lose a lot of rights when you're a felon. You can't vote (apparently), you can't own a firearm, I'm pretty sure you <em>don't</em> lose your drivers license though.

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True, the Army moved its main server to Macs some time ago. Kinda funny: the "weaknesses" of the Mac like no remote login or command line made it a specially secure web server! Guess they won't be upgrading to Mac OS X.

No, we use windows at work. I just keep my TiBook by my desk. Our graphics department of course has some really cool Macs.

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I don't know quite how the internships and what-nots work. I think part of the confusion is that there <em>isn't</em> a single place to start. I'll see if anyone knows anything.

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