Privacy Statement??


I didn't search exhaustively but I could find no proper privacy statement from this message board. What is the position of this site on the following issues:

1) will you keep personal info (e-mail address) private or will it be sold to third parties?

2) are posts owned by the authors, the site or are they public domain? (does this site need permission from the origional author to reprint a post?)

3) do you reserve the right to delete any post for any reason (e.g. critical of this site a product) or just for the reasons you stated in the regristration procedure (racism, sexism, foul language etc).

I'm sure there are more questions like these and I think it would be good for the future of this site to state clearly what the policy is in regard to issues like these.

If anyone else can add to this list please do. I would like this site to flourish and as problems related to privacy could cause future problems I would like to get them squared away now.