when i try to delete some programs from my computer it says i dont have sufficient access priveleges to do that.... how do i get around that...
Log in as root, assuming it is enabled. If it is not enabled you will need to do so. Off the top of my head, I can't remeber how to do so, I think it is in the NetInfo Utility, located in your utilities file.

If root is enable, you can drag and drop the folder into the trash, if you logged in using root. If you are using another user account, and do not want to log out, you can remove the folder and its contents using the terminal using the "sudo" or "su root" command.

From the command line type the following:

sudo rm -R /location of the folder/ (ie /Applications/app name or folder)
the terminal will ask for a password, type the root password

then go to the /Applications/ folder and type ls -a to see if the folder or app is gone. Or open the finder to see if the folder is gone.

Be very careful when you are logged in as root, as you can screw up your system unrepairably if you delete or edit the wrong files. Chances are if you are logged in as an administrator and it says you don't have privs to delete something, you might not want to be deleting it.
I should have mentioned that. I was assuming you were just removing some shareware/freeware from your application folder.

There really is no need to log into root if you are a novive user, except to delete items, and change the appearance of items that you do not have sufficient privilages to adjust.

Once you have made your desired changes, I would log out as root, and use you sys admin user.