Pro Application Support 3.0


Hi Again,

I have just checked done a system update check and found Pro Application Support 3.0 is available. I am a little confused because checking out apple's support page it says that this is only for 10.4 and 10.3.9 and I am running system 10.3.3 so why am I being told that it is available to me? I cannot go beyond 10.3.3 because I am using the Matrox RTMac Capture Card and this is no longer supported. My question is should I upgrade to Pro Application Support 3.0 as I am being told that it will improve general user inferface reliability for Final Cut Pro?

Thanks Romek.

G4 450MHz Single AGP
768MB Ram
Final Cut Pro 4.1.1 matrox
OSX 10.3.3
QT 6.5.1
Master Drive IBM 75GB
Slave Drive Seagate 120GB