Probem after bing forced to shut down improperly...


OSX: 10.3.7

PROBLEMS BEFORE CRASH: I started the computer up and it had reset my Safari and Itunes to how they where when the computer where first set up but all my files cleared out. It gave me an error message saying that somthing had been unable to load and had been renamed with a name somthing like 'Itunes4 (damaged)'.

PROGRAMS RUNNING AT TIME OF CRASH: Safari, Itunes, Acquisition, Adium.

PROBLEMS AFTER CRASH: Safari fails to load and Adium crashes if the wrong password is entered.

As Itunes, Safari and Adium are my most used programs this is giving me a real headache, i have tried creating a new account but it has the same problems, i have deleted the problematic account after copying my music to the shared folder (only some of it will play now) and i am using the original account created when the computer was set up.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated or help on how to flatten the computer (if it's called that on mac's aswell) so i can re-install everything would be so good!

Thanks for any responce i may recieve to this plea.