Problem After iLife '05 Install


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Finally got around to installing Tiger on my PB and all is well, did a clean install with a drive format etc. I backed everything up and all systems are go except iPhoto. I backed up my iPhoto Library as I've done in the past before an OS install, then drag it back to the Pictures folder in my home folder. This time around after the install of iLife '05 and iPhoto 5.0 my iPhoto Library isn't recognized? Am I missing something here?
Did you try to import the files? Leave them where they are, and in iPhoto select import and point it to your folder.
In iPhoto>File Menu>Add to Library. A window pops up and you can go to where you have those photos stored.
Tried that, no go! had to uninstall iLife 05' then reinstall iLife 04' import the library and then upgrade to iLife 05' yet again... Sucks but it worked!