problem after TRYING to upgrade to 9.2.1


I was in mid-installation of 9.2.1 on my os9 partition when my screensaver came on after i realized this and moved the mouse to turn it off i noticed that the installation seemed to have frozen and would not cancel and i could not force it to quit so i had no other option, but to just turn off the computer and for the big problem.....After it restarted it booted up in the OSX partition and made it through the "starting core services, cleaning up, initallizing netork, ect... it then goes to the blue screen where ou would login, but the login screen never shows. Now i cannot get it to boot up from either and OS9 or OSX cd; however it will boot in command line using 'apple key + s', but i can't figure any way to fix things from there except running 'fsck -y', but that does no good. So, basically it won't boot up or boot from a cd at all and im clueless on what to do now. Any help is greatly appriciated!