Problem Docking Dmg Files


lately i've been having problems docking my dmg files.
when trying to dock a dmg, a warning message comes up saying that there are 'no mountable system files' and discontinues.
simultaneously, a number of programs have stopped working; iPhoto, iMovie, Internet Explorer, Script...

Powerbook G4 12"
OS X 10.3.9


aka Norman Gah
I was just about to put a post up about a similar issue.

Recently I am unable to mount dmg files. Each time I try, I get a Warning message saying

"Discs cannot be mounted - codec overrun"

This all seems to have happended since I upgraded to Tiger, but my other mates who have also updated to Tiger are not having this problem.

Powerbook G4 12"
Tiger 10.4.2



One suggestion. Try trashing the

Follow this path: Macintosh HD>User>Library>Preferences>
Drag the file to the Trash, empty the Trash and reboot. Might be a corrupted preference file causing the problem. Also, I have never added a .dmg to my Dock before but I just tried and discovered it will ONLY take a .dmg file on the right side of the divider, not the left side where all your programs and applications are. Seems to me if you get the message that there are "no mountable system files"... the Dock preference file might be corrupted and can't "see" the .dmg files. Anyway, try my suggestion and let us know how it goes. I'm anxious to see if this fix helps. As for
<<a number of programs have stopped working; iPhoto, iMovie, Internet Explorer, Script>> your programs you listed not working, I would find the .plist file for all of those programs and do the same thing. Trash their preference plist file, empty the Trash and reboot. Also, Repairing Permissions cures a lot of ills on a Mac. Try that also. Applications>Utility>Disk Utility Highlight the MacintoshHD on the left and click Repair Permissions below.

Don't ya just "love macs"...
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