Problem downloading Audio and Video files


Lately, when I have tried downloading video (avi) and wav files I have been experiencing problems getting them to save corectly (they either play in one second or nothing plays when I try to download them). Anyway I am a recently switched from windows to tiger (as a mass communication major/graphic design minor, it seemed to make the most sense) anyway I'm wondering what might be causing these sound and download problems and would appreciate any help anyone could offer.
Which browser are you using, and can you pinpoint problematic files to a specific site?
I've tried downloading with firefox, saffari and shiira. I've also tried a couple of sites for dowloading sound files and none of them seem to be allowing me to download them correctly, sorry if I'm, not doing a very good job explaining the situation.
I had a problem like this the other week. Does your HD name have any unusual characters in it ?
If you want to save the A/V files rather than play them, press the [option] key while double-clicking on them. This works in all browsers.