Problem emptying the trash


A few weeks ago I had to reinstall Mac OS 9.1 because of a problem I had. I kept my old System Folder (named "old System Folder") around in case there were any preferences or extensions that I needed (I did delete the System and Finder). Like most of you I installed Mac OS X last week. In one of my Mac OS X sessions I decided that I did not need "old System Folder" and dragged the folder to Mac OS X's trash. Since I knew there were thousands of files in "old System Folder" to be erased, I left my computer on and went to bed. The next morning the trash was still counting how many files to be erased (the count so far till then was something like over a billion files). I knew that could not be right. Being that I had not installed many programs into Mac OS X, I saw no harm in reformatting the partition Mac OS X was on and reinstalling Mac OS X. After reinstalling Mac OS X I noticed that the "old System Folder" was recreated in Mac OS X's trash. Not wanting to wait for the trash to calculate how many files there are that have to be erased from "old System Folder", I wonder if there is a command in Terminal that will let me delete, or erase "old System Folder" without the need for me to wait? If there is such a command, must it be done from "root"?

Gino J. Piazza