Problem Installing Ipod Shuffle


I have tried to install my new iPod shuffle on my G4 Mac under system 10.3.9. Each attempt to load the software failed. On running the installer I get a dialog box saying 'Installing this software requires 0kb of space'. In the following dialog box the iPod Updater and System UI Server software in the list are greyed out with Action 'disabled', and a size of 0 bytes for each. I charged up the iPod shuffle until the light went green and left it plugged in. In iTunes the iPod shuffle comes up as a drive in the list on the left hand side. I copied my cd albums into iTunes and made several playlists. However none of the commands will allow music to be copied from the iTunes playlists onto the shuffle, nor does dragging and dropping selected tracks from the iTunes playlist onto the opened iPod playlist work. Choosing Autofill and checking the 'Replace all songs when autofilling' box has no effect. iTunes tells me that the 'iPod update is complete' but there are no tracks showing in the iPod shuffle playlist. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your assistance

what happens if you unplug the shuffle, quit itunes, and then connect the shuffle again? Does itunes start automatically?

do you have the latest version of iTunes? there should be nothing else that need to be installed.

good luck!
iTunes started up automatically the first time I plugged the shuffle in. Now I have to start iTunes myself on plugging in the shuffle. I have the most up to date version of iTunes. I have not installed anything else.

Also the shuffle won't charge up from my powered USB hub - all that happens is the orange light flashes continuously. I have to plug it directly into the back of the computer to get it charged which is a pain as it is not easily accessible. Only one of the computers usb ports seems to charge it. If once charged to green light status I then plug it into the usb hub (for easier access) it seems to lose it's charge instantly and goes to flashing orange light again.
Try plugging the shuffle into the back of the computer (whichever place you said it will charge from) then ejecting it in Itunes. It should be listed in the source list somewhere, click the eject symbol next to it. After that, unplug it, close itunes and plug it back in to see if it open itunes automatically again.

The charging thing is the same for a lot of hardware. My digital camera wasn't even recognised when I plugged it into the keyboard usb port but when I used a main one it worked fine. There probably isn't enough power coming out of one usb port to power a keyboard, mouse and digital camera (or ipod in this case).