Problem printing to network printer from mac os x


Hi all i recently connnected 2 mac os x computers to Airport wirless stream. I do have internet connection but i can not print from them. There are 2 computers connected to network and there is mac os x that is connected to network via wire and it can print with out problem. Could any expert tell me how to set up the printer for these 2 mac os x that are connecte via wriless to the network. I am one month in working with mac so a step by step instructions will be appreciated.Thanks
I'm jumping ahead and guessing that you have two routers - the first one plus the new Airport Extreme or Express. Both are distributing IP addresses. The wireless Macs aren't in the same subnet, so they can't print.
Solution - turn off "Distribute IP addresses" on the new Extreme/Express so that all computers + printer use the same router/DHCP for IP address.
(You may have to restart the wireless Macs to force them to ask for new IP addresses.)