problem revealing downloaded files


John Galt Member
i'm having a problem with ie... i don't know if anyone else is:

i'm downloading files from internet explorer, and there are problems with the files showing up on the desktop. to reveal the files, i have to search for them through sherlock and drag the icon to my desktop. the files don't even show up in my desktop folder in my library. does anyone know why this would be happening???

i have the same problem. theres a simpler way to get your files : double click the entry in IE's download manager and click reveal in finder. this will in most cases make the file show up and is faster than loading sherlock... Please Apple fix these problems !!!
I think this is a known bug in the current version of IE for OS-X.

Another workaround is to issue a "touch" command on the desktop (or whatever folder you are downloading to):

- open up a terminal session
- type "touch /Users/*username*/Library/Desktop/"
(make sure to substitute *username* with your "real" username)
- press return

For further info on the touch-command please refer to "man touch" from the command line. BTW, OmniWeb doesn´t have this bug.

cheers, 512