Problem sending images in iChat


I'm using iChat AV on Tiger and everytime I go to drag an image into the IM and click return, it shows the image was sent but my sister never receives anything about it in AIM. Does anyone know how to get the image to go through? Is there some kind of issue with sending photos through IMs with iChat and AIM (Windows)?
Its depend on what kind images are you talk about? Its jpg or gif or what kind of image format? Also.. what verison of AIM your sister have?
Nope, no real issue to be honest, I find it fine most of the time. Try pressing Alt + Apple key + F (Send File) and directly locate the file, this usually helps.

I don't think that the image type would matter, because, at the end of the day, it's a simple file exchange. You can send a .dmg file to a Windows client, and it will still send - the actual file won't work, but it will still send.

But good questioning, it's always important to notify us with as much information as possible.

Hope this helps,

Conv. :)
She's using 5.9 AIM. I've tried sending PNG and GIFs but neither work. One thing it does after I send the image is says the following:

Direct Instant Message session started
then i type soemthing then she does and the following comes up:
Direct Instant Message session ended
Reconnecting to NAME <AIMNAME>…

She said on her end it said "could not be displayed". Any other ideas? Could this have soemthing to do with a firewall?