Problem Setting Automount Permissions


Hi all

I have a directory containing a cvs repository we use for code development on a local mac network running 10.3.8 server and 10.3.8 clients. I need to be able to automount a folder and give some of the people logging onto client machines write access to this code development folder. To this end I created a group for the users for whom I would like to have permission and made the folder in question belong to that group. I created a sharepoint for that folder and automounted it using AFP from the workgroup manager and told it to inherit parent permissions.

However, the client does not get write permission even though the group is correct. The only way I can give a client write permission is to give everyone write permission, which I do not like.

If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated, as it seems like this should be a pretty easy thing to do.

Set the group with write rights on the folder and set others to Read-Only. You can do this by control-clicking on the folder, changing the group, and setting the rights to it. That's about the only way I can think of doing it, but I know there is another way.