Problem to install OBJDUMP, or there is another disassemblator of binary code?



i'm italian and i need your help.

For to disassemble binary code on ubuntu, you use the command objdump, already implemented on it.

But if i want disassemble with mac binary code?

I tried to install just the famous objdump but I can not.

Surfing the internet, I read that is contained in Binutils, command objdump, and I downloaded from here:;O=D

binutils-2.20.1.tar.gz 03-Mar-2010 10:21 22M

On wikipedia, it says to do in this way to install it:

Unzip the file, enter the folder and add this code in bash:

./configure --target=avr
sudo make install

But it gives me several errors and nothing ... I did not install.

Others say to install Darwin Ports, but do not know how to install it and install it if you really need to have a simple command "objdump" to need to disassemble.

Can someone help me?

I hope to have some savings to help me, I need to practice in the laboratory of my university, but they all use ubuntu, and my bash I think not it less then other in ubuntu... It 's absurd if I had to settle with bootcamp UBUNTU.



(sorry for my English, I hope I could express myself well)
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Also, you may want to take a look at the Fink project ( as an alternative to ports.

After rereading your post, it appears that you're trying to cross-compile to an AVR target? Have you considered starting off using arduino processing instead of directly targeting the chipset?

Take a look at It may give you a better understanding of embedded development before you're exposed to directly hacking opcodes in a binary.