problem whith a FW drive



I use a big extern FW drive to store data (essentialy video files). Actualy, I would like to get a big file (2Gb) back. But when I try to copy it, the disc seems to stop responding after a few Mb ...
i have to stop the copy, and the finder beomes verry slow if there is a window displaying the content of the FW drive, as if it hasn't see that the drive is no longer there ..
Does anyone have problems whith FW, or better a solution ?
Thank you
I'm assuming you're copying using the normal click'n'drag ?

I've never had to copy a 2gb file, nor have a Firewire drive to test this, but hey.. one possible solution for you..

bring up a terminal, cd to the directory where your 2gb file is, and do this:

<CODE> dd if=name_of_file_to_copy of=/path/to/copy/to/filename </CODE>

change <CODE>name_of_file_to_copy</CODE> to obviously be the 2gb filename :)

This will use dd ( bit for bit low level copier) and try to copy the file for you. It may simply be that Finder is having problems handling the file. So this will eliminate that aspect for you.

You could also achive a copy using :

<CODE> cat /Volumes/FireWireDriveName/FileToCopy &gt; /path/to/copy/it/to/FileYoureCopying </CODE>

Hope that helps...

Failing that, run a Filesystem check/repair on the Firewire disk, I don't know how to use fsck from the terminal command line for firewire devices, but the Graphical Utilities under [Finder] -> [Applications] -> [Utilities] should do it for you fine.

Good luck, Andrew