Problem with 5G48


Mac fan
Hi, i have a problem with the build 5G48.
I install it perfect on my machine, but when i restart to start using it appears at the screen a lot of letters and numbers abou kernel and at the end it says:
please i need some help to start using 10.1
Thanxs to all
You want to use 10.1? Hmmm....that's not possible at the is not released. Or do you mean you want to use an illegal leak? Are you asking for technical assistance on this forum for an illegal, leaked pre-release (and that's what it says in "About this Mac"...oh, forgot, you can't boot into Aqua ;)

Live with it! You took the risk and installed an OS that is not built for public. It is built as a test, a beta. On your system, the test failed. This is what betas sometimes do. You should be aware of that BEFORE you install illegal software. Even more, you should be aware that you can't expect to get technical assistance for such a beta in a forum.

The other option is, you are an Apple Select Member and you are supposed to use this beta. If this is true, you signed a contract with Apple that you don't talk about the built in a place like this. Furthermore, than you would know where to ask for assistance.

Oh, forgot the solution to your problem: Install 10.0.4 and wait till 10.1 is officialy released
G548 isn't Illegal in itself. It is currently available LEAGALLY to ADC Primier members in the Assets section, as are the Developer Tools of the same build. What's illegal is downloading said software packages from anywhere but Apple. Both are available as DMG packages, again, from Apple ADC - and are burnable with a new beta version of Disk Copy, which again, is available at ADC.

What you OUGHT to have said is that this really isn't the place to discuss ADC software development packages. Doing so borders on violation of ADC and Beta Seedling Site non-disclosure agreements Although, ADC members and non-members appear to have regularly used this as a duscussion forum all along. The appropriate forum is in ADC at Apple itself. Unfortunately, Apple often takes FOREVER (If at all) to respond to problems or questions. Support for installation issues, again, is available at ADC. So, often people use this as an alternate forum, which, incidently, is usually more forthcoming than that of Apple itself.

NOW, if he happens to have an ILICIT copy of the developer's preview, then he's just a moron, as you suggested (Grin).
Unfortunately, Apple often takes FOREVER (If at all) to respond to problems or questions.

I've never *not* gotten a response within a day or two to anything I've sent to ADC (question, bugreport, etc.)
Well, "Yee Haw" for you.

My last major problem took over a MONTH to resolve. Starting with abosulutely NO ANSWER AT ALL for two weeks. Me making an ASS out of myself to get the attention of someone (IE: "Who do you have to $crew to get an answer around here?"). Then a message asking me to, "please be patient as [they] are researching the problem." A wait of another week. Then a message telling me that I wasn't addressing the problem to the correct division. An assinine message from me asking WHY it took them a week of research to tell me to ask someone else rather than forwarding the message IMMEDIATELY to the correct division (A problem that arose since they combined two divisions). Then a message telling me that it was a know issue that would be addressed, "in the next major revision." Oh gee, some big help there. A MAJOR system component non-functional since you don't want to tackle it yet. Gee, thanks...

And my problem was FIXED loooooooong before Apple got around to it from input from HERE...