problem with caret


Dear OS X/UNIX gurus....

I've asked this question before in other forums (and for OS X 10.0) but have never found a solution - maybe some of you can help?

Using a Swiss German keyboard, it used to be impossible to type a caret (or several other characters like ~ etc.) in the terminal - you had to copy it from somewhere else or change to the US keyboard (and know where those characters are supposed to be...) That has been fixed in OS X 10.1. Great.

I still have problems, though, when a caret is passed from one process to another through a TCP socket: A cgi-script written in perl is supposed to send a string like '^"house=SUBST"' to an application. But it doesn't work.

I haven't been able to test this with other applications - it may well be a problem of the application I'm using. I have the source code and could theoretically fiddle with it but wanted to ask first whether anybody has any further suggestions, hints or suspicions.. ;-)

Many thanks in advance,