Problem With Deleted Mail


I have a .mac email account that I receive email on, and it is linked to two imacs, one with jaguar and one with tiger mail. there was a problem with the older imac and the inbox contents got deleted, it had around 2000 messages on it. As soon as this happened the email also got deleted from the newer imac which has tiger on it. I attempted to retrieve the deleted email but since the settings on the two computers are different in regards to when to erase deleted messages, the newer computer is set to never erase deleted messages, and the older one is set to erase deleted messages that are more than a week old. The messages do not appear in the mail library in deleted cache imap file with the older imac that has jaguar, but they do appear in the newer imac with tiger. They are in text edit form. Is there any way for me to import these messages back into mail, or to find some way to get them back through the server?