Problem with Mighty Mouse?!


Does anyone else have a Mighty Mouse?

Is all OK with it?

I have had mine 3 weeks now, and just had my fourth instance of not being able to click on anything (with L or R buttons)... Everything is selectable (i.e. Genie Dock effect works when you move over it, but you can't click on anything!)

The middle button, strangly, continues to work when the other two stop.

You have to re-boot (manually) as you can't even choose Restart from the Apple menu.

Would it help to disconnect the mouse and reconnect it on a different USB port? I know, that shouldn't be the solution, but maybe would be better than to force-kill-slash your computer everytime your mouse stops working...
No solution, just wanted to say that I'm running into the same problem. It appears that the hot-spot or click location becomes offset from the cursor. This seems to be on a per-window basis. Quitting and restarting apps helps, and of course, a reboot sets things back.
I have turned off the side buttons now all together.

Not had the issue since - defo. a problem with Expose from the Mouse.

Maybe a 10.4.3 fix, as the Mighty Mouse is standard kit with the new iMacs.
The only issue I've had with mine has been the rare occasional right click being accepted as a regular click. The position of your finger on that right side of MM makes a difference. I did have an issue with the side button(s) when I set it up for Expose...but after disabling it everything became well again. I think that was more of a "too new" issue involving me more than the mouse.