Problem With Minicom


Hello all,

I'm just new with mac. I just recently bought powerbook g4 and it's running 10.3.9. Most of the things I do in my job is to setup routers and a lot of times connect to them via console. I have purchased IOgear USB-Serial adapter (GUC232A) and it successfully installed the driver. It showed up as /dev/cu.usbserial on /dev directory:

$ ls /dev/cu*
/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem /dev/cu.modem
/dev/cu.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync /dev/cu.usbserial

But when i run minicom -s to setup the initial config file the machine does nothing until i break using ctrl c

I would like to find a work around to get the usb to serial converter to be able to connect to cisco routers

Your assistance will be highly appreciated

Did anyone ever answer this?

My situation is a little different. I've got a serial-port connection to a Solaris box that's connected to a Linux server. Minicom setup works perfect directly from that box. However, now that I've got the MacBook for everything, I want to connect via secure-shell (ssh) to the Linux box and bring up minicom. Control characters don't work. Assume this is some sort of terminal emulation set-up.