problem with powerbook


hi my powerbook is playing up.
started about a week ago - kept getting grey restart screen. got files I need off it using target mode. gave it to a guy to have a look at and decided was beat to wipe all and reinstall 10.2. he wiped it but now it wont boot from disc. any ideas? (can run hardware test and says all is ok)


alan nous


iMac Dual 2.0 17'
What model PB are you talking about? When you did the reinstall, how was it done? Did you totally erase the HD?


17" 1G titanium. think the guy tried to install 10.3 initaly but the installitation kept crashing. also asked him to partition the HD for me (20G for audio, 20G for system, 10G library and data). have already ran hardware test (basic & adv.) and it says everything is ok. am thinking it cant be a prob with the superdrive cause Hware test runs ok. dont think it is a HD issue cause can go into target mode. have opened firmware and reset NVRAM. dont think boot/OS dvd is faulty - no scratches. any ideas ? cheers for help