Problem with SoundSticks under 10.1 :mad:


I'm having a problem with my SoundSticks under 10.1 on my Ti.

Sometimes for some reason they stop working. They still show up under the Sound panel of System Prefs but don't work. Usually all I have to do to fix it is unplugg them and replugg them back in.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Please?
No idea about how to fix them here. I have the same probelm. However, if I try unplugging, it is a guaranteed kernal panic. Only thing that fixes for me is a reboot.
Thats right. Do NOT unplug&replug those sticks, unless you want to see what a kernel panic looks like...

AFAIK this is due to a bug in the USBAudio driver, which in fact lists as a beta driver in the kernel panic( yup, i've tried unplug... ).

There has been some talk about this beeing fixed in Jaguar, but Jaguar is also supposed to give us all an extra week free this autumn, as well as free drinks and ipods, so I guess we will have to see.