Problems After Tiger Installation



Recently I installed Tiger. I intended to do an "archive and install" installation, but the procedure was different from what the accompanying booklet told me, and all of a sudden I was doing an upgrade.

Now I experience many problems and am constantly rebooting. I have switched off the programs that would start automatically and that seems to take away some problems, although for instance You Control and You Control Desktop are the newest Tiger compatible versions.

Major problems are the following:

I have two regular user accounts, both with administrative rights. One account seems to be okay now, but the other account experiences the problem that when I open Shapeshifter (also the newest Tiger compatible version), the whole system preferences application crashes. The menubar does not show items such as Fast User Switching, Bluetooth etc. (although all are ticked as to be appearing in the menubar) and the spotlight icon, when hovering over it, causes a constantly spinning beachball and cannot be accessed, as if the harddisk is constantly busy. The missing items on the menubar still seem to be there, because drop down menus sometimes (not always) appear out of nothing (as if the text is there in transparent color), but oddly enough, a bluetooth menu sometimes appears in the left-hand lower corner of the screen.

in the account that seems to work allright I do have problems: applications that would start fast, now take much longer to start up, with quite some time showing nothing (like nothinig really happens), only to give a startup reaction after 1-2 minutes. If I via Disk Order invoke the Properties command, it can take up to 1-2 minutes just to obtain the file properties and show these (owners and rights).

In addition, when I start up, I get error messages (I use the verbose mode), specically referring to a "com.NIA......ext" (the dots refer to text I cannot remember) which cannot be found, activated or connected to.

I wonder whether there is a simple way to get default settings back, or whether I should do a complete clean install (something I want to avoid if possible, I simply do not have the time). I also wonder whether a second time doing an archived install would help.

If I do a complete clean install, complete with disk reformat, how can I best ensure I get the same user accounts back (otherwise linked information in excel files and other docs might not work anymore)?

Some advise in tese matters would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Arnoud Steeman
Certainly sounds like you have several issues going on. I would recommended a clean install. Of course backup anything you will need. User accounts and everything will be lost, if you perform a clean install. In my view, it is always the best way to start a new OS. I know it takes time, and is a pain in the a$$, in the end, the system will be snappier, and with less or no issues.
Start with a permission restore !

It is much faster now, and it helped me a lot.

And wait a few hours after login before shutting down to give time to Spotlight to create its first index.
Thanks for the feed back. I was already thinking of just going for a clean install and the responses confirmed this.

Arnoud Steeman
Just to relay the experience - I did a clean install and my system works now fast and without issues. It also gave me the opportunity to improve on the previous install in terms of user accounts and administrator rights distribution. Thanks for the advice.