Problems after transfering photos to new iMac


Just got a new iMac so I wanted to transfer my iPhoto library from an external drive to the new iMac.

I called Apple Tech support to ask how to do this. They said best way was to drag the folder with my photo files (iPhoto) to the Library icon INSIDE of iPhotos.

I told them this is not the way I recall doing so, but he said this was the best way to avoid corruption, so I did as instructed.

The photos seemed to trf ok, but all the organization was lost.

But the BIG PROBLEM is some of the photos don't display. There is only a out line of the where the photo is suppose to be. They do show up in the thumbnail view.

Many of the photos that don't show up seem to be duplicate files, but not all of them.

Anyone know what problem I'm having? Any help would be greatly appreciated.