Problems Booting Up a G4 Despite Using Fsck -f


September 29, 2005

Good Morning,
My computer is a Macintosh G4 1.25 Ghz/80 GB/Combo/RV250 w/OS 9 & Panther 10.3 (whatever the latest update is) purchased in February, 2004. About 20GB of the hard drive is occupied. The machine has 768M of ram, and the additional ram has been operating successfully since about a month after the purchase of the computer.
About 4 months ago, programs would quit while in use. The message “The program ____ has unexpectedly quit…” It first appeared with Mail, then Safari, and most frequently occurred when a Microtek scanner that had to operate in the Classic environment or Adobe Photoshop 7 was in use. I found out how to run disk permissions & proceeded to do so every 3 or 4 weeks.
Recently I was printing several documents, & they would unexpectedly stop. They could be restarted manually, but this was new.
On Monday there were 4 updates ready to download. Each one failed to download. The message appeared saying “Be sure you have permission to download to a temporary folder which it named. I remembered this had happened once before, but upon restarting, the downloads had proceeded successfully, so I restarted the computer. At that point, the chimes were heard once, then came the gray screen with the Apple logo & the turning cog. The cog turns continually, & there ends progress.
The manual suggested resetting the PRAM using Command, Option, P,R, and the only change seemed to be a larger apple & a larger cog.
I shut down using the button on the front of the computer, then restarted using CommandS. Once the “#” appeared, I typed in “fsck –f” & waited. The first time through, it repaired something, & I have run ”fsck –f” at least 7 more times, each of them returning a message that the Macintosh hard drive appears to be OK. When I type “reboot” after running the check, it’s back to the gray screen & turning cog. When I typed “exit”, a lot of text appeared. I have typed below what I could remember or copy that appeared to indicate problems.

False early: connector or machine incorrect.
Several lines zipped by, then…
Starting security server
Application services (168) did not complete successfully.
Sept 29 08:41:51 local host SystemStarter: application services (168) did not complete successfully
Starting kernel event agent
Sept 29 08:41:51 local host mDNSResponder (195):mDNSPlatformSendUDP send to failed to send packet on Interface ID 01805C00 lo0/4 to skt4 error-1 errno 65 (no route to host)
Starting HPIO monitor
Initializing network
(This appeared 3 times) Sept 29 08:41:52 local host mDNSResponder (195):mDNSPlatformSendUDP send to failed to send packet on Interface ID 01805C00 lo0/4 to skt4 error-1 errno 65 (no route to host)
September 29 08:41:52 local host kernel: UniNTNet::monitor Link Status-Link is up at 100 Mbps-Full Duplex
InitDisplayConnection: a CGS MachPort: NULL
Starting HP Trap Monitor (NULL)

The machine has not been dropped or subjected to high heat or water damage. Can you tell me what to do next?
I can follow directions if they are specific, but I don’t have a lot of experience in resolving tech issues on Mac.