Problems connecting Powerbook G4 to TV through DVI


Hi everyone!

Sometime ago I bought a new LG 32LP1 lcd-TV, which has inputs for DVI, HDMI and of course s-video. The TV supports resolutions up to 1366x768, which is one reason why I chose it.

Well now that I tried connecting my PB G4 17" to the TV through DVI, I got... nothing. The LG just decided it was time to go to Power Saving Mode. Naturally this was before I read any instructions or helps. Well, the next thing was just that, rtfm, but did it help? No.

Tiger's help tells me to shut both the TV and the Mac down, to connect the video cable and power them up. Nothing, nada. The screen on my TV stays blank. BUT: As I check the settings from the Displays Preferences, I find that the Os X has indeed noticed the TV and even recognized its type. It has also set the external display's resolution correctly, but still no picture.

Well next thing to do: Try the other ways of connecting to the TV. The s-video? Works just great. The picture comes up right away, though the resolution is not as good as it would be through the DVI, of course.

Anybody had/have the same type of problems? What could be causing this? I have tried other resolutions, numbers of colors, etc. but to no avail. The only thing (or so I think) I haven't yet tried, is another computer...