Problems connecting to Windows with 10.1


Ok, i've installed today the OS X 10.1 (5G64) and smbfs is included, but cannot connect to any Win98, WinMe computer

The workgroup is GRUPO
The IP addres of a PC with WinMe is
The PC Name is EBMPC
and the share is C-EBMPC

How i do to connect whit this PC?

In connect to server:

the computer stop some seconds with a spinning disk but a message tell me that is not services . . .

What i'm doing wrong ???
I finally got this to work. The trick is to remove DAVE if you installed that on 10.0.4. It screws up samba. Get the installer from version tracker and run it, then select uninstall.


That will bring up a window asking for your password. As an added bonus you can drag the mounted image onto your toolbar in the finder. When you eject the disk the icon will change to a ?, but if you click on it it will bring up that same login window so you can just enter the pw and off you go.

Hope that helped,