problems getting email from iPhone on desktop machine and iBook


I have three different "regular" email accounts: two at domains I own, and one at the domain of the company that handles my hosting (along with backup accounts on Gmail).

For the purposes of this question I'll call them,,

The main email account on my iPhone 4S is at Gmail; I'll call it

Messages from sent from the iPhone arrive at, but are dropped and not delivered to and

Messages from sent from my desktop Mac and iBook arrive at all three addresses with no problem.

Previously -- late last week -- email sent to all three addresses arrived OK, though there was a bit of delay getting them at and

Messages sent from my "regular" addresses from my desktop or iBook arrive at on the iPhone OK.

The phone is an iPhone 4S purchased last week on the Verizon "99-cent iPhone" clearance deal.
The desktop machine is a MDD G4 running Thunderbird under OSX Panther 10.3.9.
The laptop is a G4 iBook running Thunderbird under OSX Tiger 10.4.11.
Is your iPhone using iOS 7.x (the latest OS for the device)?
Set your preferences on the phone to cc your other email addresses.