Problems hooking up my mini to a TV


Hi everyone, I'm trying to hook up my mac mini to my widescreen TV for use as a media center using the Apple DVI to Video adaptor and then connecting that via s-video to a scart adaptor and everything works for the most part.

However, I'm getting a lot of fuzziness in the display with text nigh on unreadable due to slightly modulating colours and wavy distortion. Now if it was just text that'd be fine, but the entire display is slightly distorted, making the setup useless as a media center for anything bar playing music, (and even that's a pain to use as it's difficult to tell which tune you're selecting). The mac settings seem fine, it's 800x600, set to PAL output and I've calibrated the display as well as I can.

Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Or have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? My flatmate's mentioned the possibility that it could be interference from the sever consoles etc I've got set up, but surely they'd be affected as well?
have you tried to connect it via composite (the yellow)?

your problem reminds me of when i tried to connect my fathers powerbook directly to a television without a ntsc to pal converter (that came with the powerbook i later discovered).