Problems Installing OS 9.1 for X


I just got OS X in the mail, and imediately started to install a clean installation of OS 9.1 for the classic environment. I booted from the CD, then started the installation. It went for about a minute, then froze! Each time I try to install, the same thing happens. I disabled virtual memory and set the default extension set, but nothing works. What should I do?
Have you tried a Clean Install from the CD? Anything else is asking for trouble with your existing Extensions.
Hmmm, unless someone else out there has a better answer, I'm afraid the usual "backup and reformat" option may be your only choice. It would seem that your hard drive update is not accepted (assuming you've tried that already) and reformatting is the standard Apple Tech response anyway....
Here is some more info on the problem: When I tried to update my system to 9.1 with the downloadable update a few months ago, the disk driver update de-initialized my HD. This time around, with my leaner HD because of reinitialization, I turned OFF update disk drivers. Also, sometimes, instead of freezing (actually most of the time), it says "The helper application 'Installer Engine' has accidentally quit. The Installation process must be stopped."
I figured it out! I placed the internet download update on the main HD, then increaced the installer's memory allocation to 25 mb. IT INTALLED PREFECTLY!!!!!!!