Problems installing Tiger


Hi all,
i´ve been using os 10.3.9 for some months on my powerbook g4... (i bought it 3 motnhs before tiger was unleashed)...

So finally i was able to buy tiger... so, im installing it... it first checks the installation disc, then it starts with installation, installs the first part ok, then the essentials... and at some point this msg appears: "There was an error installing the software. Please try installing again."

I tryed several times, i also used disk utility to repair permisions and the disk... i also removed the RAM i bought some weeks ago... all seems ok... but this msg keeps appearing...

i succesfully installed panther again... with no probs... back to tiger.. same error... i called a friend... asked him for his tiger disks (he has a CD version)... and the same msg keeps appearing :(

thnx for taking the time to read this
any help will be much apreciated
During the installation process, an 'Options' button will appear - did you click on it?
if so, which radio button ('Archive and Install', or 'Erase and Install') did you select?
If it was 'Archive and Install' - try the installation process again, this time clicking on the 'Options' 'Erase and Install'.

Report your results.
Hey Barhar,
i used the "Archive and Install" option... just because i dont know where r the preferences that i have to backup on my powerbook (i dont know much about macs as u may see)... can u plz tell me wich folders should i backup ? (i have 2 partitions in the disk, so i´ll backup to the secondary one)

thnx for the quick reply!
i just tryed installing it 2 more times... and this is the error i get (both times) on the install log:
"BomFatalError - cpio read error: Bad File Format"

does this mean anything to you ?

thnx for the help
Your users folder, and the following '/Library/' folders - 'Application Support', 'PreferencePanes', 'Printers', 'Screen Savers', and 'Startup Items'.

The reasons for copying the menitoned '/Library/' folders.
You may have added 'PreferencePanes' ('System Preferences' utilities) and 'Screen Savers' for all users to use.
Some third party applications install files in the Application Support' and 'Startup Items' folders.
The 'Tiger' installation does not install all the printer drivers that 'Panther' does. For example, 'Tiger' does not install the 'C42Series.plugin' driver; but, the one from 'Panther' works with 'Tiger', as expected.

'"BomFatalError - cpio read error: Bad File Format" - does this mean anything to you ?', no - I never saw that before.
ok, now i cant even install panther... it gaves me an "invalid header" error while copying some files... and it says something like "nsgenericexception error"
off course at this point, i already tryed to "erase & install", but it doesnt work.
now im pretty much worried with this situation. im gona try to install os x from another powerbook (i can do that via firewire, right?).
if anyone have some other ideas, plz let me know
thnx !
last report:
i asked a friend for his powerbook...
1- i connected mine to his with a firewire cable (pressing the T key while booting mine)...
2- i installed tiger from his notebook to my HD...
3- after the succesfull installation, his comp restarted and booted from my HD...
4- i quit the "user account registration" (or something like that), and shut down his computer
5- i opened the "restart utility?" (sorry, dont remember the name) booting from tiger cd (on his PoweBook)... and selected to boot from his HD (not mine this time...)
6- i ejected my HD from his computer
7- shut down mine
8- i booted from my computer, complete the registration problem, and everything is working pretty well so far :) :)

thnx a lot for the effort barhar !
glad everything is fine now