Problems joining wireless network


I've got a Netgear DG834G Wireless router at home, and I'm connecting to it with my iBook.
I've not been overly impressed with the router, it can't seem to handle being on for more than a couple of days before needing a reboot. Sometimes (inexplicably, it needs a long rest period before it'll fire up the network properly).
The main issue I'm having is with dynamically joining the netwwork.
For example, if i reboot the router with the ibook up. Once the router is back up, I can sniff for it, and it shows up, it'll then show up in the menu bar as a recognised network. If I then try and join it, I get an error message, saying there was a problem joining the network.
It's infuriating because I have to reboot the mac if I want to rejoin the network.

Any ideas on how I sort his out?



I'll try that tonight. I checked Netgear's support site, and that seems to be the only thing they can suggest too.