problems making a back-up of my OS X cd....


hey guys.

i've got a bit of a problem here.....

i'm trying to make a back-up of my OS X cd.

I back up all of my software, including my systems disks, etc, and have never had a problem. However, when I copy the files from my OS X cd to my hard drive, and then copy them to a cd, the cd I make is NOT bootable. I go to choose it as the start up disk, to test it, but it is grayed out, as not an option.

I've already burned a few you guys know what I'm doing wrong? What is it on the OS X cd that I am missing? An invisible file?

I guess what I'm asking is, what file(s) make my OS X cd a bootable CD?


my coaster collection will thank you.....
You need to make a disc image, and then burn that.
Are you using Toast?
If so, choose disc-image from the "Format" pull down.
After you've made the image, then drag that onto Toast, and burn the image. This will exactly duplicate the OS X cd.

You'll need at least 500-600 megs of free space to store the image.

I really wouldn't bother, X beta expires in May of 2001.
Not much use after that.

Anyway, that's how to do it.
what if, hypothetically, of course, i wanted to take my OS X cd, and make an exact bootable copy on a aprtition of my computer?

like, instead of making a bootable cd, i wanted to copy all the files onto an empty partition on my computer, so i could boot and install from there?

how would i do that? if i try it now, the partition isn't bootable, i heard some extra files get added, or some get taken away, so that this isn't possible--to deter piracy or something. but, how would i make it so that i could make a disk i mage, and boot from a partition conatining that image, so I could install the OS that way?

i know that doesn't make sense....but....hypothetically, of course....i'm just curious.....because, if i copy my OS ( cd onto an empty partition, i can boot from it. if i copy my os X cd, however, to an empty partition, i cannot boot from it. why not? what do i have to add/take away, so that the partition containing the files from the OS X cd is bootable?

As far as I can tell, There are lots of hidden files in OSX.
When you do a select all, and copy the files over, os 9 doesn't copy the invisible files. You could try it in osx, logged in as root maybe, but I still don't know if it will work.

The best thing would be to just do a clean install onto that partition.

Hope it helps! Good luck.