Problems printing wirelessly


There are 3 Mac's, 2 PC's, and 3 printers on this wireless network. All three printers are wireless. Two of them have built-in wireless capabilities, and one is attached to a print server.

When a friend of mine tried printing from one of the powerbooks, it was taking a while (as it normally does when printing on a wireless network), and so he tried printing agian, and again, and again. It didn't print any of the jobs. All it did was put a grey exclamation point next to the printer in question.

When I came in, I cancelled all the jobs, then tried printing again by sending only one job, and it worked fine (it took 15 to 20 seconds to print, though).

So, is the only way to avoid it from not printing is by sending one job, and waiting until that job starts printing before sending the next one, or could something else be causing this?