Problems, Problems and Problems


Hi. As I didnt get much help on the apple forum I thought I would try here:)

Here is what I posted...

"Ahh! I have had so many problems today with my mac!

Ok problem number 1: I went to go to use Fireworks MX today and it just bounced it the dock for a bit and nothing happened. So I go to test Dreamweaver and the same happens.I go into the application folder and open in from there. The same happens. So I go to re install them it all goes fine until it asks for my admin password. I tap it in and I get...

"The software to be installed requires Administrator or higher level access privileges."

But I am the admin as I set the Mac up. I try permission repairs in disk utility. But still I get the same thing.

So I thought hmmm best re install Mac osx. But wait I need to back my files up. So I place in the cd in the cd drive and it asks you to name the disc, and I do so and O no another error!

"Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (Error code 13)"

What is going on with my mac!? I have never had a problem before with it. Why is it playing up now?


And another thing that might be use full is that I installed Adobe Photoshop try out version. It wouldnt load up so I trashed it.

Any help would be great because this is really important as I cant burn any CDs or use my most used programs Fireworks and dreamweaver and infact it wont let me install anything from macromedia!



PS: Im on eMac running OSX 10.3.9
If you cant burn a CD to back it up, I would recommend puting another Hard disk in it and reainstalling a good OS to that drive, then you can copy all of your files over/burn them.