Problems using Belkin Wireless Ethernet Adapter 7330


We have just bought a Belkin Wireless Ethernet Adapter (Model 7330) for an old G4 in my office, and are having problems getting it connected to the internet. We have BT Broadband coming in to a Belkin Wireless ethernet Router, which is connected to a PC (by ethernet). 2 PC laptops are wirelessly connected, and a Mac G5 is connected through Airport.

The G4 (OSX 10.3.8) is connected to the adapter by ethernet, and we have managed to get a green light in the Network system prefs, but still can't connect to the internet. The two Macs can also ping each other, and both can ping the router, the G5 can also ping the adapter. Need help with the G4 IP settings, etc. Anyone know anything about this setup.